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Putting together your guest list and sending out invitations is one of the first things to think about when planning your dinner party. Now that you have your invitation template, here is a video of what is done at Highclere Castle, from sending out invitations to how guests are arranged around the table when they arrive:

Throughout the video Lady Carnarvon is at her Carlton House desk, in the library, where she loves to go to write. Whether it’s composing letters to family and friends or progressing with her most recent book, Lady Carnarvon is able to truly demonstrate her creative flair when in this beautifully comfortable setting.

The process behind organising the table layout for Lady Carnarvon’s guests is also shown in this video, along with the place cards, so watch out for the templates when they are uploaded for you to use. There will also be some guidance on how to translate you and your guests’ names into hieroglyphs for a fun twist on tradition. If you would like to know more about the traditions at Highclere or have any dining traditions of your own, please make sure to share them with us.