March 31, 2018

Update: Come and Dine

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Trying to find an overall winner for Come and Dine has proved to be a very difficult process. The variety of entries we have seen while reading through all the submissions means we want so many of you to be winners. Such creativity, dedication, and loyalty to a charity or cause has been shown by so many amazing people around the world. Thank you all for participating and being part of this very special competition.

The aim of Come and Dine was to engage with everyone who loves Highclere, PBS, Egypt, Downton, food and dining. The response to all these themes has been wonderful. Despite this we have had the difficult decision of having to choose one Grand Prize winner.

This person went above and beyond everything we were expecting from people entering Come and Dine and we will be thrilled to announce fully to the public who this is next Thursday (5th April).