Welcome to my blog, inviting you behind the scenes of my life and home and sharing anecdotes from my everyday life at Highclere Castle. The world of Highclere still exists with its own community of Chefs, Gardeners and Housekeepers, Luis our Butler and Maggie the Groom as well as all the other people who make the ‘Real Downton Abbey’ a welcoming place for visitors today.

At Home at Highclere Goes Beyond the Castle Doors

We are pleased to announce the completion of Lady Carnarvon’s new book ‘At Home at Highclere’ which is now available for you, our dearest readers, to buy and enjoy. Read more



My Faithful Bicycle

Each day I try to take some exercise and today I set off on my faithful bicycle down the hill away from the Castle with 6 of the dogs more or less near me. We go carefully as cars are coming up, arriving for work. We coast past a group of cottages, where James the Farm Manager lives and then past Don in his Gardener’s Cottage, I then whizz past the old farmyard where the dairy herd used to reside and turn the sharp corner by the Gothic Cemetery Chapel, checking behind me that I am still accompanied by the dogs. Half a [...]
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A Sunny English Morning

I wake this morning to an unusually sunny English summer day, I can hear the Castle starting to wake with cars, horse hoofs and the sound of voices echoing from the kitchen area. No good morning would start without a hot cappuccino so I make my way downstairs to the tea rooms before I have to join the queue behind our lovely visitors who tend to arrive ever earlier. Luis our Banqueting Manager and his team are turning on the machines and collecting the fresh baguettes and sandwiches from the kitchen, reminding me to speak to Paul our Head Chef [...]
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