Speaking Engagements

I am delighted to speak at engagements whether home or abroad and can entertain on a range of topics from heritage and history to gardens, architecture, living with a film crew, or creating business and brands.  Of course some topics focus on the books which I have written, including the New York Times best-seller Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey, and my latest book Seasons at Highclere.

As life picks up once more, I am returning to my programme of talks, which offer a fantastic opportunity for charities to raise funds for good causes. My latest book, Seasons at Highclere, has received international media coverage, including in the Daily Mail, and would serve as a fascinating basis for a talk. For more information on how you can book Lady Carnarvon in the United Kingdom for a talk on Seasons at Highclere, please contact [email protected].

In the United States, I work with Patsy Arnett at Worldwide Speakers Group and I am proud of the amount of funds we have raised for charities worldwide.

For more information on how you can book Lady Carnarvon, please contact Patsy at [email protected] or by calling (703) 373.9817 (United States). You may also find more information by visiting the Worldwide Speakers Group website. Please contact [email protected].uk  if interested in a book talk in the UK.

For example I have been honoured to give talks in Florida, New York, Washington, Nashville and Texas from several hundred guests to over 2,000.  In 2019, I thoroughly enjoyed exploring and sharing the contribution of Highclere, the 4th Earl of Carnarvon to the creation of  Canada 153 years ago, beginning in Ottawa, travelling to Montreal who I hope forgave my French and then on to Toronto.

In the UK I have given many talks always for various charities tied in to the books I have written.

2023 – UK Book talks

  • Friday 20th January – Lewes Speakers Festival
  • Wednesday 1st March – Winchester Association National Trust
  • Thursday 2nd March – Kingsclere Village Club
  • Tuesday 14th March – RAF Alconbury in Cambridge
  • Thursday 20th July – Buxton Literacy Festival

2023 – USA Book talks

  • Friday 24th March Wakefield Plantation House Alabama