The World of Highclere

Essays are written about English estates, the country house, and the stately home that explore their existence and raison d’etre. Rather than writing this essay, I have been trying to create the actual journey, to explore how Highclere can find a place in today’s world and to fight its corner for a role.

As I look around, I see everyone who is here at Highclere with me and who has been here in the past, I see a community who love the Castle and love the busy way of life that surrounds it. Who will be here when a water pipe bursts at 8pm on a cold January evening? Who will be here to help me find a stonemason, a joiner, or a gilder? Highclere is not just a building, it is a family, a friendship, it is our community and how we reach out to welcome many other people from many other communities.

We had a splendid time at our Heroes at Highclere event in September, and our Come and Dine Competition in February 2018 was also a huge success. I continue to research the creation of the Constitution of Canada at Highclere Castle, as well as a few more exciting projects to come.

“Friendship,” said Christopher Robin, “is a very comforting thing to have.”
A. A. Milne