Lady Carnarvon's Podcast

The Podcast is published at midday on Thursdays every week and is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Deezer, Buzzsprout, TuneIn Radio.

Each week I sit down with a variety of guests to give an insight into life at Highclere Castle as well as stories from the farm and news and events from the estate. From conversations with my husband about living with a film crew, to  Les Taylor, Highclere Castle’s 93 year old Head of Security, or discussing friendship, gardens and Egyptology with Anne Diamond, the Podcast shares anecdotes and stories from the ‘real’ Downton Abbey.

Next Thursday’s Podcast:

Episode 8: Living with a Film Crew

In this episode, Lord and Lady Carnarvon discuss what it was like to share Highclere with the Downton Abbey Cast and Crew.

Previous Episodes:

Episode 1: Lockdown at Highclere

Lady Carnarvon’s first Podcast features her husband Geordie, the 8th Earl of Carnarvon and they talk about life during lockdown as well as giving an insight into some of the wonderful historical anecdotes of life at Highclere Castle.

Episode 2: The Secret Garden

In this second edition of Lady Carnarvon’s Podcast, she takes a walk, along with her dogs Stella and Freya, to the Secret Garden for a chat with Head Gardener, Paul Barker.

Episode 3: The Highclere Beat

On a beautiful day at Highclere Castle, Lady Carnarvon found a shady spot to sit down with 93-year-old Les Taylor. Les is one of Highclere’s longest serving members of staff having worked for 3 Earls. There’s not much this former Policeman doesn’t know about the comings and goings at the real life Downton Abbey

Episode 4: Painting the Past

Pat Withers has been Highclere Castle’s painter and decorator for an incredible sixty years. For twenty of those she’s been working alongside Lady Carnarvon on a variety of projects to bring previously forgotten parts of the castle back to life through colour and creativity.

Episode 5: Veterans of the Sky

In this week’s Podcast, Lady Carnarvon explores the connections Highclere has with aircraft. From hosting early aviation pioneers to the tragic wartime losses in the hills to the South of the Castle. Her guest is former Concorde pilot, historian, and a good friend Steve Bohill-Smith.

Episode 6: The Highclere Castle Shoot

The partridge and pheasant shoot at Highclere Castle goes back to the time of the 5th Earl of Carnarvon and the tradition has carried through different Head Keepers and Earls of Carnarvon until today. Lady Carnarvon’s guest this week is recently retired Head Keeper Eddie Hughes.

Episode 7: Anne Diamond

Friendships are at the heart of Highclere Castle and ‘Downton Abbey’ and in this episode, Lady Carnarvon welcomes a good friend to join her for tea and a chat. Anne Diamond was a pioneering presenter on breakfast television in the UK, and in more recent years a local radio broadcaster. Listen all the way through as Lady Carnarvon shares a ghost story, and reveals a ‘scented’ secret!