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My American Travels Continued….

 My book tour took me through Washington, a talk for St Andrew’s University, a tea for PBS and then to New York, just ahead of the snow each time. I swopped airflights for car journeys and have turned to walking on foot through New York. We have been staying at the Four Seasons with spectacular views over a snow dusted central park and Hudson river in the distance. The Four Seasons also have a hotel in Hampshire near Highclere and we try to accommodate tours for their guests when we can. It has been lovely to reverse it and be their guest.


I am back in the city where the “Catherine” of my second book was born 112 years ago and grew up. A city built more for motor cars than horses and a world apart from Highclere. I have enjoyed giving talks, sharing the anecdotes and exploring the real links through history to the real Downton Abbey. I hope a few more people will enjoy the books and through the pages feel as if they are also sitting at the table, watching the dancing or sharing the struggle to survive the Second World War.

Lady Catherine and the Real Downton Abbey

3 Responses to “My American Travels Continued….”
  1. Lynn Carey says:

    I have recently ordered “Lady Catherine and the Real Downton Abbey” and cannot wait for it to arrive! I have “Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey”…..wonderful read! My Great-Grandmother and Grandmother lived during these years, tho in the US. Such enjoyment are your books!

  2. Miriam Pratt says:

    I have just finished reading your book about Lady Catherine and am now finishing Lady Almina….. I know I’m backwards!! My mother in law and I are huge fans of Downton Abbey so she sent me your book for my birthday and I have fallen in love with the history of Highclere Castle. My husband and I live in Philadelphia (so close to NYC) I wish I was able to attend any of your US talks! My husband’s family is from the UK so I hope we can make a visit to Highclere some time in the future! Thank you for your books they are absolutely amazing and so well written :)

  3. Jo Fallows says:

    Waiting for a flight to Boston I saw your book and was amazed to find that Almira was a Wendell. I was on my way to visit Ted Wendell whose fam. were related to Almira. I have his fam. tree so would be interested to explore further connections. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book whilst there.

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