January 17, 2016

Cars to Apps

Since the times of Highclere’s first written records somewhere around mid 700 AD, Highclere has been involved in a myriad variety of businesses reflecting the interests of the times. From the more traditional pursuits of agriculture,  forestry and sawmills and tile making we have moved on to planes, cars, TV, media, books and now even an App.
Millions of people enjoy Downton Abbey so much, yet the stories and short episodes are just the tip of the “Real Downton’s” iceberg. It is a bigger and, to my eyes, even more beautiful Castle and landscape with quirky corners and perhaps it is those quirky corners that I find the most interesting. Our Highclere App shows you some of the grandeur:  a lovely old car we have restored, (which first found its way here in 1936), or the follies and lodges you glimpse on Downton, or the more traditional sort of horsepower, a young Andalusian mare I ride to the Temple of Diana.

Downton’s kitchens were created at Ealing Studios but we do have kitchens and they are very old with a wonderful enormous clock. Our kitchen equipment, however, is the most up to date to ensure that we can deliver excellent food to our guests and to the public. I have described  it many times here in my blog  but the beauty of an app is you can visually share it with people sitting miles away.I am sometimes asked which is my favourite room at Highclere and I find it hard not to keep changing my mind! Perhaps it is the Library, or my Study, or I sometimes I think one of the amazing Tower rooms. The view from up there is inspiring  and gives me such a sense of peace and from there the App gives you a 360˚ tour in your home of my view.

However we are not giving all the Castle’s  secrets away at one time. We can add to it and perhaps hold  some sort of competition later for those who have downloaded it. My idea of a prize would be to take them up the tower and sit and drink a glass of champagne.