October 13, 2017

Heroes at Highclere 2018

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Heroes at Highclere
8th and 9th September 2018

In 2014 Highclere Castle commemorated the beginning of the First World War, through a church service, music, football, air displays, lectures, themes to bring people together to transcend a shared past, a devastating war that should not have happened. We were able to raise funds for charities which support soldiers and families who serve, the doctors and the charities supporting the victims of war those fleeing and homeless.

Four years on we feel equally compelled to commemorate the end of the First Wold War, and in September 1918 the world was moving relentlessly from war to peace. One hundred years later, Highclere Castle and all of us wish to pay our respects to all those who have fought, and are still engaged in combat around the world.

Lady Almina Carnarvon transformed Highclere into a hospital during the First World War, with an operating theatre in Arundel bedroom (also Lady Edith’s bedroom!), thirty nurses and a doctor, Surgeons came down from London and Almina specialised in orthopaedic surgery. We hope again to display the operating theatre and tell the stories of the hundreds of soldiers treated here. We are planning flying displays and would like to recreate the only moment of truce in the First World War, the famous Christmas Day football match. On the Sunday we will hold a Service of Remembrance as we dedicate a statue carved form a cedar tree to the fallen.

If you wish to get involved, if you wish to come please let us know. We are raising money for those who serve and those who save.