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It has been a week since Come and Dine entries opened and we have been inundated with so many wonderful messages and photos of you preparing for your dinner parties. From practicing cooking recipes from “At Home at Highclere” and setting the table, to the outfits you have prepared and previous dinner parties which you hope to replicate.

Cherie Gould and Tina Curran making the White Onion and Truffle Soup

Remember to send your completed entries to [email protected] before the closing date (see entry requirements here). We hope to share a few photos of some more of your preparations next week, but in the meantime, we have created a helpful guide for folding your napkins for dinner!

As you were able to see from the previous video of Luis and Jorge setting the table, there are a great many things to consider to ensure your table is best set for your esteemed guests. Here at Highclere we have have a very particular way of folding our napkins which we hope you will attempt for your party! You can see here the six steps it takes to creating a beautiful decorative napkin:

Come and Dine – 6 steps to folding your napkin

There are a huge number of variations for you to attempt and we would love for you to send us photos of any other designs that you may have, the more creative the better. Think ornate napkin origami! Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or ideas for us!