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It is such a pleasure to be able to wish you a Happy New Year, 2018 has just begun, and what a wonderful time to start thinking about what the coming year holds. We have a truly exciting January planned for those who are waiting in anticipation of “Come and Dine”. You can look forward to video releases and more content to help you organise your perfect dinner party during February while aiming to raise money for charity.

Please return to the Community page each week during January where there will be plenty to keep your imagination fresh as you prepare for your dinner parties. Then, in February, as we receive entries you will be able to get a glimpse of the other wonderful parties people are hosting around the world!

In the meantime, here is a guide to how we set the table here at Highclere castle, as shown by our two charming butlers, Luis and Jorge. Please enjoy this short video, shot in the Dining Room, as the table is set to best frame the wonderful food produced by Paul, the Chef:

If you have any questions, or want to let us know your thoughts, please comment below and engage with us as a community. We would love to see your progress, so any of photos as you prepare or practice in readiness for February should be sent to the “Come and Dine” email.