Essays are written about English estates, the country house, the Stately Home exploring their existence and raison d’etre. Rather than writing the essay I have been trying to create the actual journey, to explore how Highclere can find a place in today’s world and to fight its corner for a role. My husband Geordie loves Highclere as his father did and together we look forwards and are fortunate for the sense of place.

I looked around to see who was here at Highclere with me, who had been here, the community who love the building and love the way of life. Who will be here when a water pipe bursts at 8pm on a January evening? Who will be here to tell me where to find someone for stonework, a joiner or a gilder? Highclere is therefore not just a building, it is about the people who work and live here, our community and how we reach out to welcome many other people and other communities. It is about friendship, a sense of joining up sometimes for special events or following the paths to see where they lead us.

I am planning for Heroes at Highclere September 2018, I continue to research the founding fathers and Constitution of Canada and I thought we should have a Dine with Downton February 2018.

“Friendship,” said Christopher Robin, “is a very comforting thing to have.”
A.A. Milne