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Welcome to my blog, inviting you behind the scenes of my life and home and sharing anecdotes from my everyday life at Highclere Castle. The world of Highclere still exists with its own community of Chefs, Gardeners and Housekeepers, Luis our Butler and Maggie the Groom as well as all the other people who make the ‘Real Downton Abbey’ a welcoming place for visitors today.

What is a weekend then?

Far removed from the decorous characters elegantly reclining on the sofas of Downton Abbey, weekends at the Castle tend to be a whirlwind of activity, rushing around madly in several directions all at once.  Saturday was its usual busy self but Sunday was particularly special.  It began at 7:30am with the set up for the 10km Highclere run in aid of Multiple Sclerosis.

We have hosted this for perhaps 12 years and it is a great community event. As well as firing the starting gun, my husband usually runs in it as well, although in recent years this decision tends to [...]
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It definitely feels autumnal here at Highclere. The trees are beginning to be edged with ochres and reds and the horses are already rugged for colder nights in the park fields. We still have some figs to collect, and a lot of cooking apples to pick, use and freeze. I am not sure the quince tree looks very happy: I think it may have quince leaf blight which can partly be managed by raking and collecting all the dead leaves and thinning the tree out. Sadly I can see no quinces!

In the diary we have a few private weekends coming [...]
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Coming and Goings…

The spaniel puppies are now nearly 10 weeks old and the first sibling is leaving Highclere Castle for his new home. He is optimistic, cuddly and courageous and I have packed his backpack ready to go.

He probably associates the Castle’s front hall with chasing his brother round the pillars but it is, in fact, rather a lovely entrance. It was designed by Sir Gilbert Scott in 1870 who was also rebuilding the parish Church in Highclere for the 4th Earl of Carnarvon at the same time. Scott was a most respected architect and chosen, for example, to design the Albert [...]
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Downton Abbey crew and cast finally departed from us on about July 9th. For the last six years a substantial part of Highclere’s year has been dominated by the requirements of being a film set: working with the actors and actresses as they filmed in the same familiar rooms, corridors, stairs and galleries as well as exploring new shots and locations in and around the gardens, lawns, follies and cottages. It has also been about liaising with the film crew, the production staff and the location scouts. There have been endless recces throughout; questions about when various parts of the garden would be in flower, and [...]
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Highclere Plane Search Team

10.30 am and the Highclere plane search team had congregated by the Castle tearooms for our next expedition. This time we were joined by an eye witness: Colin had lived at Highclere as a young boy throughout the Second World War and actually seen some of the planes go down into the hills and woods over the Estate.

His father, Jack, was something of a legend and had held on to the ropes of Geoffrey de Havilland’s plane as it was preparing to take off for the first time here at Highclere in 1910. I was watching Colin as we drove [...]
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Battle Proms at Highclere Castle

On the first Saturday of August each year Highclere hosts a concert with fireworks and cannons known as the Battle Proms.

The day before it all begins, my most important job is to ensure the horses are safely away from all the brouhaha in distant fields, including of course, Sheila the sheep.

Over the last 14 years the concert has built up a wonderful following and this year nearly 10,000 people arrived to picnic, watch the displays and listen to the music. Magically the overcast British skies cleared just in time and it was a beautiful evening. Everyone had flags and balloons [...]
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Puppy Love

In some outhouses behind the Castle are three little shiny snub nosed spaniel puppies.  The first few months of life are just entrancing and the office team who work with us here at Highclere sit on chairs carefully brought in around the whelping box, happily continuing with phone calls whilst holding puppies.

The first one, a little girl, was born on a sofa in the Castle, 4 or 5 of us sitting quietly around Clemmie, the mother, trying to be supportive. Isabella, whose father Luis works with us, was there watching, an unforgettable story for her friends at school.  It was [...]
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My Herb Garden

Highclere’s gardens lie to the south-east of the Castle. To reach them you walk along a curving gravel path past an old spreading cedar tree with a metal seat under it. Round the corner you see the charming flint and brick arches of the west wall of the Monk’s Garden. For the last 12 years the gardens have been a much-loved preoccupation for Geordie and myself. We have extended them considerably: developing the White Border begun by my parents-in-law; creating our Wood of Goodwill, the Six Sisters’ Walk and the Rose Arbor in memory of my mother; planting thousands of [...]
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Skep to Hive

Driving back through the Park to the Castle from a yoga class one morning, I had my car window down just to enjoy all the scents of the summer trees, the limes, faint azaleas, even just the fresh leaves and strong young growth of shrubs.

To my surprise I found Mike Withers standing still underneath an oak tree by the road.  Mike and his wife Pat are our decorating team. In fact Pat has been decorating here for over 55 years, and her father before her. However they also keep bee hives and we then sell the honey they produce on [...]
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It was the 3rd Earl of Carnarvon who, in 1838, commissioned architect Charles Barry to transform the Georgian House he had inherited at Highclere into a spectacular Italianate Castle. Agreement was reached and the ceremony to inaugurate the beginning of the work with the laying of the first stone at the base of great tower took place in 1842.

In pursuit of various researches, I have been gathering together Barry’s letters and drawings. The ones of Highclere are beautiful and the building is an extraordinary achievement from the pre-eminent architect of the day.

Highclere has a very similar intricate silhouette to the [...]
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