We are thrilled to announce the next feature film. Aware of the vast historical heritage of the Highclere Estate, Julian Fellowes, the inspirational creator of “Downton Abbey”, has decided to go back in time to make a prequel, starting at a point early enough to leave plenty of scope for further chapters in the history of the Crawley family. There have of course been many such rumours over the last few months and we are sure that this news will delight the admirers of this phenomenal series.

Bronze Age setting

Filming of Downton 2000 BC will begin on location by the Bronze Age settlements and tumuli at the foot of Beacon Hill. Fans of this historical drama may, however, be most impressed that the costumes for which the show is so rightly renowned will be distinctly pared down. None of the trademark embroideries and millinery will be needed but nevertheless the original fabrics will be recreated with subtle detail. Even in this era, there are elements of social hierarchy to be explored alongside societal developments through the provision of better housing and cooking facilities.

Iron age reality

In terms of the crew, John, our Castle Manager, is delighted to be working once again with Sparky, the Downton Location Manager. Due to their combined expertise in logistics and wide experience of the challenges thrown up by adverse weather conditions, they have both been offered key parts as extras. Costume fittings will be taking place shortly.

John and Sparky practising their moves – they are both naturals

Tom looking good

Tom, Sparky’s assistant has already grown a beard in order to be considered, although will not be able to wear his glasses due to the strict guidelines for authenticity.

In addition, I have offered my expertise in cooking from the land alongside relevant recipes from 4,000 years ago which can then be reproduced in the tea room from gruel to cabbage surprise. My husband Geordie has offered to demonstrate farming techniques and suggested a range of implements.

Sally from the gift shop is investigating a range of Real Downton Abbey loin cloths and fur and suede bikinis although she has not yet decided who will model them. The gift shop will have to be re-decorated to reflect the prehistoric era. And given the trials of Brexit, we may well enter in to the spirit of the barter economy.

Constructions of the early round houses has begun and as you would expect from the set designers of the previous film, great care is being taken with exacting verisimilitude. It is hoped this prequel will be the start of a long progression of adventures for the much loved characters, giving its admirers a lifetime enjoyment of this wonderful series.