September 15, 2014

Sunday Cricket

We have just played the last cricket match of this year on a lovely warm day and Highclere won which was exciting and fun. To be honest it was slightly unusual as we had lost most of the matches this season, sometimes when we thought we had nearly won too. I am trying to concisely explain cricket in a few paragraphs for my next book.

As children, my sisters and I always found the fielding names rather funny, you can be short or silly, deep or long, in the slips or even in the gully…our parents were very keen. My husband is and his father was, a tremendous supporter and both enthusiastic players. It is wonderful to keep the tradition of country house cricklet going.  

I also have good cricket archives to draw upon. I have found an early sketch from the 1840’s of a famous team and miscellaneous items such as a subscription to Hampstead Cricket Club as well. At the close of play,  I was left with a couple of girlfriends sitting on a bench  with a glass of Pimms, watched by a couple of dogs gazing across the green field towards the chestnuts and oak trees just touched by autumn , reflecting on our good fortune to be simply able to sit in peace.


I am sure our ancestors sat here over the last 150 years thinking of this little world here, the community here but the terrible destructive acts in other parts of the globe.  We had prayed again at the little cemetery chapel for help to comfort those who sorrow and a year after I began my blog, the prayers are from and for us all are ever more needed.