Highclere Castle in the sun shine.

I wake this morning to an unusually sunny English summer day, I can hear the Castle starting to wake with cars, horse hoofs and the sound of voices echoing from the kitchen area. No good morning would start without a hot cappuccino so I make my way downstairs to the tea rooms before I have to join the queue behind our lovely visitors who tend to arrive ever earlier. Luis our Banqueting Manager and his team are turning on the machines and collecting the fresh baguettes and sandwiches from the kitchen, reminding me to speak to Paul our Head Chef about trying to sneak an egg sandwich this morning for my breakfast instead of porridge. Coffee in hand, I make my way to the Saloon passing the huge painting of the 4th Countess of Carnarvon and wondering if she would be jealous of my coffee machine. I hear click click on the wooden floor of the Saloon, which means the lovely Les, walking stick in hand is on the move, 35 years on, he is still doing his same morning round. The Guides are starting to take their places in the rooms and after ten cheery “Good Morning’s” I am at the front door. Key unlocked, bolts down, door open…..

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