Geordie patting Louise

Our British Lop eared sows, Thelma and Louise, had done their best by their serried ranks of piglets and there was a certain amount of obvious relaxation when the young were transferred into another field to rely solely on hard food mixes and their own snuffling and grazing abilities. The two mothers, rather happy to be without responsibility, settled down to enjoy more carefree days.

A week later, Arthur (the boar’s full name is the rather grand sounding King Arthur of Tintagel), returned from being away with a girlfriend in Wiltshire and made himself at home back in his fenced area of the field system some few hundred yards away. Forgetting all their previous irritations with their young, and suddenly noticing he was back, Thelma and Louise charged through three sets of fences to find him, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. They were clearly in season and, if a large pig wants to go somewhere, they just go. Whether or not they anticipated any courting or kind words of Valentines Day is doubtful but it would certainly seem that we will now look forward, sooner rather than later, to more piglets.

With a very different setting, as well as a much more dignified sense of romance, we were looking froward to welcoming guests here for Valentines Day. It is usually one of the most important weeks for hotels and the hospitality business and a lovely reason to create some beautiful, themed events and moments to remember. Afternoon tea at the Ritz Hotel, dinner by candlelight, music or a play in the theatre, all of which rather seem from another life these days.

Undoubtedly such treats will return. Despite the unusual closeness in which we have been living this past year,  Valentine’s Day  will again be within our homes and it is down to each of us to mark the calendar day as we can.  It is a shame for our guests who had planned a special day out for a loved one here at the Castle but there will be many other opportunities.

For our part here at the Castle, we are gathering up our optimism and hoping that a truly special day out with lovely tours, time to explore and wander and a delicious tea still appeals.

We have therefore created such a day in June, for existing ticket holders to transfer in to, where they can enjoy the real blooms in the new rose garden as well as the garland winding with much charm down the main staircase. Hopefully the sun will be shining with that lovely buttery summer glow and the champagne will have an extra fizz to celebrate our freedom whilst you enjoy the prettily decorated food. I hope it will be beautiful day and am really looking forward to it and so grateful to those who have already agreed to transfer.

If valentines is about roses and love, then a summer’s day in June should tick all the boxes. The piglets will be born and Thelma and Louise will once again be busy. We will be more careful as to Arthur’s whereabouts and hopefully looking forward to a successful summer opening.