October 17, 2013

Puppy Party

Bella our beautiful yellow Labrador had a litter of ten puppies back in September 2012 and we have just celebrated their first birthday. After a really busy week and in a bit of light hearted fun, some of our friends and neighbours who each adopted a puppy, gathered together on the south lawns outside the Castle. One of the puppies now lives with a wonderful friend Karine Hagen whose family created and own ‘Viking River Cruises’ and are also the sponsors for Downton Abbey in America. Karine’s puppy, Finse, named for a beautiful place in her homeland Norway, has also got her own series of children’s books about her adventures from the beginning of her life at Highclere Castle.


The puppies were so excited to be reunited with their brothers and sisters and the afternoon was great fun, scrubbing grass stains and muddy paw prints from my trousers was not so much fun!

It has been truly wonderful to share the first year of Finse’s life with Karine as well as celebrate our partnership and good fortune together in this ‘Downton Abbey’ world. Monday brought the start of an incredibly busy week and another group of lucky Viking passengers were able to look around Highclere Castle. Karine returned to her busy London offices with Finse and I set off to talk at a literary festival.

To watch a video and see more photos of the ‘Puppy Party’ please visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/HighclereCastleOfficial