The real Downton Abbey celebrates Jane Austen

In this, the bicentenary of Jane Austen’s death, Cary Johnston visits Highclere Castle in Hampshire to meet Lady Carnarvon to discuss the celebrations due to take place at the Real Downton Abbey to remember one of Britain’s most beloved authors.

Click play to watch the interview in full or tune in to ITV Meridian News at 6.30pm on Friday 12th May.


7 Responses to “The real Downton Abbey celebrates Jane Austen”
  1. Charlotte Cole says:

    Dear Lady Carnarvon,

    Another wonderful chapter in your iconic home. Every one of your celebrations supports, encourages, enlightens and informs about important and historic subjects. Whether you are raising funds to support life-changing charity work, or following important people and events in history, it is all fascinating and superbly documented. You, your husband and family, staff and others who support you, are to be commended. Well done. I always look forward to the next interesting subject you will share with us! Have a lovely weekend!

    Kind regards,

    Charlotte Cole

    • Lady Carnarvon says:

      We are setting up for Jane Austen – but i will take a break to play some tennis!

  2. Chantal Leblanc says:


    My timing is so right, I’ll be visiting Hughclere in Joly because I,m a fan of Downton Abbey and I love the house AND I’m also a huge fan of Jane Austen! So, so happy and can’t wait to be there!

  3. Lisa Connell says:

    We have tickets for Wednesday @ noon! We’re sitting in the Houston airport, waiting for our flight to London @4 pm. I’m literally in tears, as the reality of going to London for the first time begins to set in. To see “Downton Abby ” come to life, celebrate Jane Austin and other authors…it’s all so overwhelming and truly surreal!
    Thank you, Lady Carnavon, for your generosity by allowing the public to see your majestic home, firsthand, and embrace this experience of a lifetime!

  4. Catherine Splane says:

    Lady Carnarvon, Happy Mother’s Day. The bicentenniary of Miss Austen’ s death reminds me how long she has been part of my life. She is buried in Winchester Cathedral, where I sang with my college choir, and where I hope she heard me. Wishful dreaming, right? And although the portraits of men in her novels are the way we women want men to be, from her point of view, not reality, I still feel a charge from the men she describes. Also, she was a rector’ s daughter, I too am a rector’s daughter..

    Another subject if I may. I recently saw the documentary Secrets of Highclere Castle. You are featured riding a white horse with spaniels running alongside. What is her name, breed? She appears to have a short back and to be pulling at bit. Do you ride her with firm rein? I love horses. What about your other horses? Thank you very much.

  5. Lady Carnarvon says:

    Azzie is an Arab mare – her flight instinct remains somewhat strong but she never gives up! She is in snaffle but a martingale as she plunges up a little

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